Valitse sivu

The program

Tuesday September 25

Start of the workshop and Welcome to Eastern Skåne! Agne Andersson, Johan Forssblad and and Heléne Annadotter.

Project status overview

15.30. Departure to the fossil museum; “The house of dinosars” in Bromölla. 16.15. Departure to the field station for for fossil hunting at Näsum.

Wednesday, September 26

Phytoplankton – the Good, the Bad and the realy Ugly. A lecture with aspects on theGlobal warming in combination with nutrients and toxic species
Kirsten Olrik, Laboratory of Environmental Biology, Copenhagen

Biomanipulation in Finland – identification of the need, implementing of fish removal,impacts on water quality and ecology, views to the reason in variation of impacts
Ilkka Sammalkorpi, Finnish Environment Institute, SYKE

How did the lakes respond to the lowering of the water level? A plant ecologist´s view on the brownification of water. 
Sven Jensén, Plant ecologist, from Lund University

Health aspects on drinking water quality
Ingegerd Rosborg, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm

The mystery with the orange jelly
Johan Forssblad

Cyanobacteria and water quality – unsolved problems and challenges for the future
Heléne Annadotter

Discussion on the topic:

After sewage diversion and successful biomanipulation – can we get rid of the persisting blooms ofcyanobacteria? And why do we get blooms of cyanobacteria in nutrient-poor lakes?

Thursday, September 27

08.00. Meeting with the steering-group
09.00. Workshop on the manual of best practices on Plankton and Water quality
11.00. Planning for the future and discussions on next meeting