Lake Vesijärvi lies between Lahti, Hollola, and Asikkala and the first and second Salpausselkä ridges. This irregularly shaped lake is made up of several basins connected by narrows and shoals.

The largest basins are Enonselkä, Kajaanselkä, Komonselkä and Laitialanselkä. Lake Vesijärvi flows into the southern part of Lake Päijänne through the Vääksynjoki river.

The unique and beautiful Lake Vesijärvi provides recreation opportunities for over 150,000 inhabitants of the region.

The richness of nature

Lake Vesijärvi is particularly rich in aquatic plants and home to many threatened plant species, such as the Shetland pondweed and various Najas species.

The lake also is a nesting spot for more than 100 species of bird, with the great crested grebe, the black coot, and the black-headed gull the most numerous among them. Lake Vesijärvi also hosts Finland’s largest bittern population. Five areas designated as nature reserves or Natura 2000 areas for the protection of waterbirds are found along its shores.

Lake Vesijärvi is also rich in fish. Suitable fish species have been introduced for recreational fishing and to keep populations of the less valued roach species down. Species important for recreational fishing include pike, pike-perch, perch, and whitefish.

Photo Lasse Tuominen