Holistic approach in lake restoration


Hola Lake is a transnational cooperation project between four research oriented organisations. Funding is from four Finnish LAGs and a Swedish LAG:

Final report

Final report of joint activities. Holistic approach in lake restoration. 30.4.2020
Appendix: Management Fishing in Lake Restoration – Story Map

Workshops of the project

Project goals

The project aims at improving the ecological status of lake environment by developing lake restoration methods in a holistic way. The holistic approach takes into consideration both external and internal loading, which means actions both in the lake and in its catchment area. Profound cooperation between organisations well-experienced in lake restoration will create a fruitful platform for sharing information and gathering best practises as well as developing new ideas for the most efficient measures for lake restoration. In successful lake restoration time scales needed are usually long and the involvement and commitment of local people in the management of their own environment is of crucial importance.

International cooperation provides unique possibilities to widen the area of project implementation and increases possibilities to find new ideas and know-how. Combining local networks of project partners will attract more people in local areas and solidify existing relationships between people who actively participate in lake management activities. Project is also vital for increasing international cooperation between LAGs and geographically ideal in terms of future cooperation possibilities and finding new ideas for future projects.

Main goals for the project are following:

1. Improve the knowledge and methods on the reduction of external loading
2. Improve the efficiency of methods on the management of fish stocks
3. Enhance the local and commercial use of fish management catch
4. Improve the understanding of nuisance algae and the measures how to prevent mass development of nuisance algae
5. Improve the knowledge and methods of management of reed beds
6. Enhance the use of harvested reed as raw material
7. Increase the knowledge and involvement of local people in lake monitoring
8. Increase cooperation between local residents and surrounding organizations
9. Increase international cooperation and create professional networks

Specific goals of each partner: