Local activities at the region of LAG Ykkösakseli (The Association of Water and Environment of Western Uusimaa)

Involving local residents in fisheries management and monitoring

  • Länsi-Uudenmaan vesi ja ympäristö will organize workshops building fishing tackles. The aim is to increase the use of fish tackles and gather data involving local residents in fisheries monitoring. The web-based service developed in Hola Lake will be used in gathering the data.

Improving the utilization of local fish and less valuable fish

  • Länsi-Uudenmaan vesi ja ympäristö organizes events, identifies possible uses of less valuable fish, and aims to develop recipes and a food product of cyprinid fish together with Ammattiopisto Livia.
  • The events and measures include for example workshops on fish handling and preparation of fish delicacies.

Increasing the knowledge of predator citizen science

  • Länsi-Uudenmaan vesi ja ympäristö, aims to collect data of pike breeding success by teaching local fishermen white disc method in monitoring pike fingerlings.

Increasing the knowledge and involvement of local people in monitoring and control of harmful, invasive species reed sweet grass

  • Länsi-Uudenmaan vesi ja ympäristö, aims to monitor the growth of reed sweet grass in spring and after the removal of the plants by gathering data with local people.

Gathering and sharing information of experiences related to management of fisheries

  • Länsi-Uudenmaan vesi ja ympäristö will organize several events to share the knowhow and knowledge gained in the project.
  • The aim is to raise interest for water protection and management of fisheries, fish and to create a shared goal among stakeholders for lake restoration in target lakes.

International cooperation and networking for finding and sharing best practices and knowhow

  • Länsi-Uudenmaan vesi ja ympäristö will organize one international workshop in its region and participate in workshops organized by other project partners for changing knowledge and ideas in themes related to lake restoration and fisheries management.