Local activities at the region of LAG Pyhäjärviseutu (Pyhäjärvi-Institute)

Vegetation mapping in Lake Köyliönjärvi, Satakunta region

  • General mapping of aquatic plants, will be tendered in the project.

Compiling General plan for vegetation management based on mapping

  • Pyhäjärvi Institute will proceed plan.
  • Aim is to improve the usage of lake and increase biodiversity in pilot areas.

Testing solutions and practices for harvesting common reed and excess aquatic plants

  • Restore flow conditions in littoral zone to raise biodiversity and recreational value.

Survey on distribution of aggressive invasive species Reed sweetgrass (Glyceria maxima) in Lake Köyliönjärvi area

  • Survey will be executed in co-operation with local actors.

Instructional evening discussion events on identifying Reed sweetgrass, management solutions and social capacity building

  • Aim is to increase awareness of local people.

International cooperation and networking for finding and sharing best practices and knowhow

  • Pyhäjärvi Institute will participate in workshops organized by other project partners for changing knowledge and ideas in themes