Local activities at regions of LAGS Etpähä ry and Päijänne Leader (Lake Vesijärvi Foundation)

Reduction of external loading

  • Lake Vesijärvi Foundation funds a plan for the holistic rehabilitation of the catchment area of river Haritunjoki. Plan includes farm level tools to activate farmers and take into account both water management and biodiversity.
  • Lake Vesijärvi Foundation seeks a place and builds with locals a filter/filters made of reed and monitors how well it works.
  • Lake Vesijärvi Foundation monitors together with land owners how well the existing water protection structures (sedimentation pools, wetlands) work.

Development and construction of management fishing gears

  • Lake Vesijärvi Foundation funds the voluntary working week for the construction of management fishing gears. New gears are needed, which work effectively among vegetation on lake littoral area.

Implementation of a web-based service for collecting fishing data

  • Lake Vesijärvi Foundation will continue implementation of the web-based service, developed by LUVY, for collecting fishing data in the area of Lake Vesijärvi.

Involvement of local residents in monitoring and control of invasive plant species

  • Lake Vesijärvi Foundation will monitor and map the occurrence of Reed sweet-grass (Glyceria maxima), Himalayan balsam (Impatiens glandulifera) and Heracleum persicum -group on the shores and wetlands of Lake Vesijärvi together with local residents.
  • Lake Vesijärvi Foundation will start the removal and control of these species together with local residents and organize bees.

International cooperation and networking for finding and sharing best practices and knowhow

  • Lake Vesijärvi Foundation will organize one international workshop in its region and participate in workshops organized by other project partners for changing knowledge and ideas in themes related to lake restoration and fisheries management.
  • Lake Vesijärvi Foundation has the main responsibility of international connections and follow-up of partners’ activities.
  • Lake Vesijärvi Foundation has the main responsibility of updating the international web page, controlling the content and organizing all information in a way that is the most useful for all.

Manual of best practices

  • Lake Vesijärvi Foundation is in charge of creating the manual of best practices and also takes responsibility of IT-costs related to the manual.