International activities

Though Lake Vesijärvi Foundation works locally, international cooperation provides unique possibilities to widen the area of project implementation and increases possibilities to find new ideas and know-how. 
Below some recent activities on international level.

Lake restoration and nutrient recycling using internal loading – a new application of hypolimnetic withdrawal

A new lake restoration method has been tested in an Environment Ministry-funded project at Lake Kymijärvi. The method is called “hypolimnetic withdrawal and purification”. Its goal is to purify the deep, nutrient rich water and improve lake water quality, but also to test the potential for phosphorus recovery and circular economy.
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Holistic approach in lake restoration – HolaLake-project

Hola Lake is a transnational cooperation project between four research oriented organisations, three from Finland and one in Sweden.
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Europe-INBO 2019

17th “Europe-INBO 2019” International Conference
for the Implementation of the European Water Directives was held in Lahti 17.-20.6.2019.
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Lahtilakes 2018

Scientific symposium on Restoration of Eutrophic Lakes: Current Practices and Future Challenges , June 4-6 2018, Lahti
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