We can keep Lake Vesijärvi clean by working together

Management procedures:

• Management fishing
• Artificial oxygen supply
• Mowing of water plants in summer and in winter
• Improving of water flow rates via dredging
• Improvement of the methods used in cultivation of fields
• Establishment of new buffer zones
• Creation of wetlands and sedimentation ponds
• Containment of agricultural runoff in major drains
• Improved treatment of wastewater in sparsely populated areas
• Reduction in the stormwater load

The management programme also includes studies to provide guidelines for further actions; monitoring of the lake’s condition and nutrient loads; and extensive communication efforts such as exhibitions, newsletters, and extension of education and information efforts to children and teenagers.

Lake Vesijärvi in numbers

• The 44th largest lake in Finland
• Surface area of 109 km2, with islands and rocks accounting for approx. 4.5 km2
• Average depth of 6.0 metres, maximum depth of 42 metres
• Catchment area of 515 km²
• 181 km of shoreline, 45% of which is used for forestry, 33% for seasonal dwellings,12.5% for other dwellings, and 9.5% for agriculture

Photo Lasse Tuominen